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The reason I was awarded the title of Honorary Mayor of El Sereno is because of dependability.


What does dependable mean? When I got the call to receive my nephews I stepped up, took charge, and now I’m a mother of five boys. When they need to be at school early, I'm up earlier. Whether my husband is on deployment or stationed elsewhere, protecting our country, I'm in El Sereno, watching over our home. It means that I get up every Sunday for mass, even if I’ve stood up late the night before planning community events. Have there been problems? Well, you don't get to call yourself dependable until you've faced those down too.


I've never been a stranger to hardship, and I've never been a career politician. What I have been for over twenty years is a community advocate, organizer and public servant. I led the charge in providing food, PPE and vaccines during COVID-19 before any elected officials had a plan. I’ve put thousands of toys in our children's hands with my Winter Jubilee since 1995. As an indigenous woman I’m committed to being a voice for the voiceless and my voice has been on countless non-profits, advisory boards, and committees. So, no ... I've never been a politician. 


On the other hand, my community is dominated by reckless career politicians. Council members that refused responsibility for their actions. Elected officials that violate their oath of office. Between the politicians who are bought by Sacramento and the developers who line their pockets, our community is marked to become another victim of big business. As the organizer of the Independence Day Parade, I cannot stand by as my community is made subservient to the aims of strangers, outside developers, and special interests. All of this at the expense of our families.


My decision to run for the Los Angeles City Council, District 14 is not a career opportunity. It is my commitment to our families, to our future, and to my belief that leaders must care about our community without exception. Why am I dependable? Because I care and caring is the difference.


On March 5th, Be a voter for Genny Guerrero for CD14!

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