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What policy issues will I be focusing on?


  • Houseless Crisis

  • Community Safety

  • Equity, Equality and Enfranchment


Who is NOT financing my campaign?


  • All contributions must NOT violate my core values.

  • Contributions will NOT be accepted without review.

  • All contributions must NOT jeopardize our communities. 


What are the four most important things I hope to accomplish during my term?


  • I will create complete communities with  access to all necessary amenities.

  • I will bring peace and pride back into our communities (reducing gang violence, graffiti, etc.)

  • I will establish a communication platform that allows real time participation from residents.

  • I will increase jobs by creating a job portal that prioritizes residents.


What will I do to fight the national houseless crisis?


  • Prioritize gainful employment

  • To stabilize local housing

  • To prevent displacement


How will I support the effort to fix the housing crisis?

  • I will change the criteria to qualify for social services, offering help before trouble starts.

  • I will focus on reintegrating the marginalized back into their community

  • I will use tax incentives to encourage utilizing existing homes to house unhoused families.

  • I will explore the possibility of additional housing with the involvement of doctors, to prevent creating unsafe environments.


What is my stance on community-benefited transportation?

  • Transparency and communication about the impact of mobility projects on our community. 

  • Favoring community needs over city aspirations.

  • Increased availability of public transport for kids in need of safe passage.


How will I support the businesses of CD14?


  • I will support businesses by setting guidelines for street venders, requiring them to dispose of waste and maintain a distance from brick and mortar businesses of the same kind.

  • I will maintain safe access and accommodation for customers.

  • Streamlining permits and authorization for brick and mortar businesses.

  • Facilitate mural placement on businesses to deter tagging.

  • Facilitate grants to businesses for security cameras.


What will my policies be regarding home and property ownership?

  • Prioritizing families in home development and assistance.

  • Providing structural grants for seniors.

  • Providing accessible sewage and roads to homeowners.


How will I support the youth of our communities?

  • I will expand the services of our recreation centers and parks, pay the registration fees of youth, and expand programs for 13-17 year-olds

  • I will restrict the usage of smoked marijuana around children's parks and playgrounds, schools and libraries etc.


What are my goals to increase mobility in our community?

  • I will return accessibility and wheelchair access to our sidewalks.

  • I will return accessibility so that our fire department and ambulances can serve all members of our community.

  • I will fight for the maintenance and/or resurfacing of alleyways.


How will you encourage the expansion of the arts?


  • Stop the suppression of cultural art

  • Stop the replacement of our cultural

  • Increase access of arts for the community


What are my environmental goals?


  • I will explore ways to cut emissions and increase sustainability by prohibiting city vehicles from running idle and requiring them to be turned off.

  • I will create recycling options for buildings previously prohibited from participating.

  • I will mandate the monitoring of air pollution in our community.

  • I will prevent the disturbance of toxic ground soil to protect my community.

  • I will enforce clean up efforts for the septic communities.

  • I will protect our green and open spaces.


How will I further support the needs of the LGBTQ+ community?


  • I will support equity, not just the equality of the community by getting first hand input from the LGBTQ+ community.


What is your stance on policing?


  • I believe officers need to be held accountable and should not be able to join another department if removed from one for misconduct.

  • Audit to find the desk to beat ratio to establish the optimum level or presense. 

  • I will decrease the 9-1-1 wait and response time to ensure prompt service. 

  • I will initiate an initiative to retrieve stolen cars without wasting valuable resources.

  • I will require officers to maintain a personally paid bond for employment.

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